Through the Night (II)

난 파도가 머물던
모래 위에 적힌 글씨처럼
그대가 멀리
사라져 버릴 것 같아
또 그리워 더 그리워

Just like letters on the sand
where waves were
I feel you’ll disappear
to a far off place
I miss you again and miss you more

-Lee Ji-eun, Through the Night

The touch of your hand, the scent of your fragrance and the tightness of your hug is starting to wear off as we drift apart inch by inch. Every remaining memory of you starts to become a blur, as if it never happened. I rub my eyes to see if its really happening, that you’ll be gone in my life for good. Part of me jumps of joy and says that it’s about time that I move along with my life and other part of me insists to stay and to remember; every touch, every scent, and every feeling that I’ve ever felt when I was with you.

Here I am, missing you. I can’t forget. I won’t forget. How could I ever forget?


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