Through the Night (I)

여기 내 마음속에
모든 말을
다 꺼내어 줄 순 없지만
사랑한다는 말이에요

All the words
In my heart
I can’t show them all to you
But, it’s that I love you

-Lee Ji-eun, Through the Night

I hid my love hoping that it would disappear. I hid my love with the fear of being hurt. I hid it in the best way that I can. Yet the love that I hid outgrew its hiding place for grew fonder and craved for you. I try my best to overcome it, but the love overtook me. Still, I deny it. Still, I try to hide it. All I know is that you don’t know that I’ve been hiding my love for a long time and I plan to keep it that way.




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