I wish I could stop the tears from falling down because it’s tiring; it makes my eyes weary, my soul begging for mercy and my body in a calamity. I wish I could stop them from falling down because I don’t see the point in crying anymore. I wish I could eliminate the tears as much as I want to eliminate myself in this universe. That was before.

I used to wish that I could stop them, but now, I just let it be. I just let myself feel the pain. Let the tears roll down my cheeks as they land my lap. I just let the burn in my chest lit a fire until I’m numb enough to feel nothing else. I just let my attention explore to places  wherein the pain can’t reach me, that way, I’ll continue to live.

I assure myself that everything will fall back into place, just like how they are meant to be. I assure myself that it’s gonna be okay. I assure myself. Assurance, I like that stuff.



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