Day in Photographs

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I accompanied my older sister to do some of her errands and we went to a nearby mall after that. It was tiring but it was the good kind of tired, you know? To more places and photographs, please.


Rainy Days

I chose to walk to my destination since the traffic was absurd. Not knowing of what will happen, suddenly the rain came, slowly then all at once. I ran to wherever I may find shelter since I don’t have an umbrella with me. “What luck,” I said to myself. I waited ’til the rain stops, but it just won’t. I walk back and forth, glance to one side to another and eventually, I dived myself in the pouring rain. After that dreadful walk, I arrived in my destination. I guess it’s the start of rainy days, after all.

Missing You

I miss the cold mornings.

I miss the views up above the mountains.

I miss the sand & sea.

I miss the quiet nights.

As I miss the cold mornings, I wish I could’ve spent it with you,

As I miss the views from above, I wish I could’ve witnessed it with you.

As I miss walking in the sand, I wish I could’ve strolled there with you.

As I miss the quiet nights, I wish I could’ve shared that silence with you.

I miss you.

I am missing you.

That’s all.

Not Me

Am I that easy for you to think of me as a target?

Am I that foolish for you to drop mischievous words?

Am I that of a joke for you to treat me like one?

You’re just wasting your time and most importantly, you’re wasting mine.

If you want to play games, I am not up for it.

If you want to cast a spell on me, nice try, ’cause I’m not falling for it.

Don’t mess with me.

Please, not me.