I figured that there is more than meets the eye.

We’ve always seen Marilyn as that ethereal mortal goddess that lived shortly because of her untimely death. We’ve always viewed her as an icon of beauty & sexuality. We’ve known her for the countless magazines that she posed for, movies that she starred in & controversies that was linked to her. But, she’s more than that.

Marilyn, behind the “dumb blonde” roles she was famously known for, was an intelligent woman with distinct ambitions in life. Just like every one of us who has a dream, she, too, strives to do everything that she could in order to reach for her aspirations. Behind her warm smile was a lonesome heart that yearns to be loved, the real kind of love. People during her time, other than obsessing over her physique, ridiculed her for showcasing impurity and vulgarity in the public eye. People actually thought that she was as two dimensional like the characters she would play in her movies, which she isn’t. It’s sad that she would make multiple efforts to prove that she could do more. Actually, what’s more sad about it is that she tries to prove everyone that she’s more than what they think of her even though she doesn’t even need to prove it to anyone because she’s already a great person to begin with!

There may be countless speculations about her until this very day, yet I choose to admire her nonetheless. I don’t admire her because she’s beautiful or that she has the kind of body one would dream of, maybe those are just bonus factors when it comes to liking her. I salute her as she continued to stand with integrity though she gets plenty of criticisms. I admire how she managed to plaster a smile in front of everyone as if she didn’t go through a lot throughout her life. Despite of her setbacks, she still continued to fight on. Such qualities of her must be paid attention other than her dashing looks and the tabloids she used to face.

Marilyn Monroe may have gone to the other side, but still her memory lives on.

For the ever admirable and iconic Marilyn Monroe and the fight that she fought.



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