April, So Far

April’s almost over in a week or so and I just can’t wait to end the vacation. I’m only saying this ’cause I’ve ran out of things to do & the summer heat is starting to become unbearable that I’d wish to be inside of a refrigerator. I’m the type of person who complains about wanting to go on vacation whenever I have school & wanting to go to school during vacation. I can be pretty ironic at times (most of the time, actually). Despite my urge of wanting to be busy again, I’ll just make the most out of my summer vacation instead since I am quite sure that once the school year starts, I won’t be able to have some decent rest.

Anyways, during the first few weeks of my vacation, I started watching Goblin and can I just say how everything about it is so perfect? The cast, the storyline, the soundtrack (YAS), EVERYTHING. I am basically fangirling right now while I’m typing this. Speaking of its soundtrack, it really just blew me away and it made me discover an artist that I consider to be a gem in the Korean music industry, it’s Sam Kim! To those of you who don’t know him, well, he’s a Korean-American singer-songwriter under the record label of Antenna Music, Yoo Hee-yeol’s record company. Listen to some of his songs like Mama Don’t Worry & Your Song and maybe you’ll get to understand what I’m trying to point out here. Because of Sam Kim, I also get to discover a female artist that’s in the same record company as his, she is Kwon Jin-ah. Listening to her song with Sam Kim, For Now and her own song, The End instantly made me like her & her music.

Fun fact: Both Sam Kim and Kwon Jin-ah joined K-pop Star 3! Sam was the runner up and Jin-ah was in third place. 

Let me just remind you all that I’m no professional critic, I recommend music that is according to my preference just because I want to, not to gain attention or whatsoever petty reason that is. If you don’t like it, well, don’t mind it and focus somewhere lolllll



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