En Route

The past few days I’ve been taking a trip down to Memory Lane, a place that I often drop by to take some moment to sight see and reminisce. This time, I was en route to the streets of Harsh Memories. Whenever I go there, most of the time, it is unexpected; as if I was transported there with no further notice. I guess teleporting is quite a trend here in Memory Lane. There were large glass windows that you can easily see past through them, of course, they’re glass. As I pass by each and every one of them, I’d see people staring at me constantly as if they were judging me, monitoring every move that I make. They would murmur and point at me. Whenever I’d look in their direction, they’d act as if they’ve done nothing wrong when it fact they’ve done a lot behind my back. The long walk passing by those windows would make me weary, yet I don’t stop, not even once. I start to sweat, cold sweat. I’ve gone anxious to the fact that so many eyes were directed to me. I don’t get how they were whispering yet I could hear them even at a far distance. I wonder to myself how I was just only walking yet they have a lot to say. It made me conscious. Was I walking in a funny manner? Is something wrong with my behind? What is it? Why? Staying for a long time in Harsh Memories was enough and I decided to leave. Just a small reminder, don’t take a souvenir with you.


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