The Note That Came Out of Nowhere

It was during my 3rd year in High School when it happened. At that time, I was in a miserable state. It’s as if all the hope in this world has gone in the drain for good. Helpless and hopeless, there was nothing to expect from life itself. As I was walking along the empty halls alongside with my colleagues and upperclassmen, we stumbled upon a pink note.

Hold On, Pain Ends

Four words, yet those numbered words woke me up from idleness. Four words yet it managed to vanish the fears & worries that I have for tomorrow. Four simple words that made me feel at ease.

Universe, is this how you speak to me? Big Guy, are you really there to watch over me? 

Fast forward to the present and I could only just laugh with how things were before. The pain was worth it after all.


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