You Happened

My hands were just hands; now it’s the bridge that connects me to you. Arms, yours and mine, were just limbs until they became branches that binds us together as we wrap ourselves with it. Eyes were just eyes until they became a window of countless galaxies that I could gaze for hours. The places we went to weren’t just places anymore, they’re places that contains memories that no one could ever replace. The songs were just words with harmonies & melodies until it became love letters made especially for you. The emptiness was just darkness, now, it became me without you. Emotions were just chemicals in our temples that is yet to be explained yet now, they’re the ones that led me to you. Thoughts were just thoughts until you became a part of it. Things were just things until you held it. You was just you until it became an us.

Everything that seemed nothing became something and it’s all because you happened.


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