How Does A Moment Last Forever?

My family & I were in a roadtrip around Cavite when a song played in the car’s music player. It was Celine Dion’s song from the recent live-action adaptation of Beauty & the Beast, “How Does A Moment Last Forever”.

Note: By the way, I’m not trying to have a series of lengthy posts that is correlated to Beauty & the Beast, okay?

As the song goes on, somehow, I was frozen in a way. I kept thinking, “How does it really lasts?” Moments that we often cherish usually don’t happen twice, thrice or more; it happens only once. Given the fact that a memory worth remembering could be made to last forever yet it only happens once makes the whole thought saddening. Sometimes, I would wish that there I could turn back time in order to relive those once in a life moments in my existence, but no. I can’t mess with how the world works, though I am independent in making my decisions, my fate would follow it’s own direction instead. No matter how many times you wish for it to take place again, the only way is to relive it is in our dreams. Maybe, moments that were meant to be treasured are destined to be moments to stay in our minds because in that way, we may never get tired of it. That it remains in our minds & in our hearts. Regardless of how painful & joyful it is, as long it’s in our minds, it will never fade nor shatter. Because a memory remains to be a memory & the feeling that ran through your veins can never be replaced that easily.

How does a moment last forever?
When our song lives on

And it will continue to live on, in our minds, our hearts & in ourselves.



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