There’s a Belle inside all of us.

We have this never-ending thirst for adventure for what’s out there. We can’t stay still, most especially if we believe in the idea that there are endless possibilities awaiting for us if only we step out of our comfort zones. If life don’t seem appealing to us, we tend to create our own worlds & enclose ourselves in it, just like how Belle does with her books. Because in her books, she can be in another world whilst being in the world she’s longing to leave in order to explore. Just like Belle, we would have spectators who would question us in what we do just because they don’t understand what we do, just because what we do is different in their perspective. There would be people who would say a lot of things just by looking from the outside and wouldn’t even bother to look inside further. Just like Belle, we have this firm belief of living life not according to the given standards given to us by society, instead, we should live life according to our own choices. There will come a time when we’ll meet someone who could change our lives forever; it may not be the kind whom you’re expecting to be with, but it will show you all the reasons you should. There will come a time when we’ll find love and it will makes us realize that not all adventures start from the places you’re going, sometimes, it’s with the person whom you go to places with.



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