We all have the persona of the Beast inside of us.

We may have become arrogant, apathetic, and conceited to face the consequences that was given to us by the universe, just like what happened to the Prince. By the punishment given to us, we hid ourselves out of shame from the mistakes that we’ve done in the past. We tend to find answers in order to make ourselves rise from the rocks, but you’ll feel so helpless because nothing would ever work. We would voluntarily shut our doors from the world in the fear of the thought that no one understands the pain you’ve been feeling. The world may see you as a beast, but truly, that’s not who you are. In the midst of the darkness that occurs in your life, somehow, there will be someone to become the light to make life bearable. You will discover a gem you can’t afford to lose; that even though you are full of flaws, it ends up loving you despite of your imperfections. And if there will come a time when things seems so true & real, you would eventually be reborn with a whole new life ahead of you.


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