Girl INVISIBLE Playlist #1: March-April Favorites



CRUSH — If you have noticed, I included a lot of Crush’s songs in my playlist just because HOW CAN I NOT INCLUDE HIM. To those of you who don’t know Crush YET, he’s a South Korean R&B and hip-hop singer who’s collaborated with artists Zion.T, Taeyeon, Zico, and so much more. I suggest you listen to his songs like Sometimes and the rest of his songs in his album, Wonderlust.

LANY — I’ve come across this Los Angeles-based band through Twitter since a lot of people were tweeting “ILYSB” (which means I Love You So Bad, by the way) out of nowhere. If you want to escape the bustling sounds of reality, might as well run & listen to LANY, I highly recommend it. Listen to pink skies and Good Girls for more of their music.

JoJo —  One of my favorite female singers of all time! Grew up listening to her music and it’s sad how she faded from the music scene. Though she isn’t vanished since she’s been releasing music (it’s STILL good), I hope the people give her enough credit for the powerful vocals that she has. How To Touch A Girl and Too Little, Too Late are some of my personal faves.


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